Disruptive Technology

We invest in entrepreneurs that have unique and scalable business concepts. Their products change the current landscape and existing business models.

Entrepreneurial Hub

We invest into businesses that help create an entrepreneurial hub where innovative projects are launched.

We Back innovators and disruptors

All products we invest into are technology focused. 

We look for products that fit within the following industries:

Communication Technology



Actively Involved

We are actively involved in each company we invest in and we assist our companies with developing the right strategy for growth.


Exit Strategy

Every investment also has an exit strategy and we look to exit the business after a period of time to deliver a return to our investors.

Management Team

We typically get involved with the senior management team of each business and provide them with the tools for business and personal development.

Funding Principal

We typically assume a significant minority equity in each business we invest. Funding often comprises a mix of equity and debt. We try and keep it as simple as possible.